Case Study —
Urban Installation

Alphabet — props for intercultural improvisation.

How can public space encourage multi-cultural exchange?


What is Alphabet?

Alphabet turns Montreal’s public space into an urban living room by inviting dwellers to playfully engage with giant typographic foam furniture, and by extension, language, and pluriversality.

Key Project Goals

Develop strategies to acknowledge and endorse cultural diversity in public space. Create tools to empower urban dwellers to appropriate public space in the city they migrated to. As such, recreate the elements presents on the street as a world of their own.

Role & Responsibilities

Alphabet was developed with Leah Bell, Aurore Paluel-Marmont, Hannah McDonald, and Marie El-Nawar. The team came together in personal volition. My contribution centered on the conceptual narrative for the project in pair with the design proposition.


Alphabet was developed and completed in a week. It won the first prize of the Canadian Center of Architecture’s Interuniversity Charrette.

Architectural language belongs equiprimordially in every human culture.

Project Statement

The Pluriversal Language of Space

Languages draw apart as much as they bring together. Belonging in a group fundamentally stems from speaking a certain language. And individuals acknowledge those who speak languages different than their own in diverse ways.
Côte-des-Neiges is a Montreal neighborhood characterized by its diverse immigrant communities. Can public space be designed to foster a sense of inclusion and play around language?
The proposed answer is a frisky and denotative approach to the Roman alphabet, common to Montreal’s two official languages, French and English. Large three-dimensional letters freely stand on the street. These giant typographic props are an invitation for intercultural play. Made of foam, they are too hefty for one person to carry along by light enough to be lifted by two, thus providing an opportunity for dialogue, amusement, and expression.

First Prize🥇🏆
Canadian Center for Architecture Inter-University Charrette

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